Essential Benefits Group is a health and welfare consulting/brokerage firm. We understand that each client has unique business needs and varying levels of expectations. So, we have structured our account management to allow the flexibility necessary to meet these diverse demands. Individual fine-tuning is expected, and accommodations are made as often as needed.  We value our business relationships and look to establish long-lasting partnerships.  We are committed to delivering outstanding value and supporting the internal management of our clients’ employee benefits.

We do that by…

    •  Examining market options in areas of products and emerging trends of employee benefits programs

    •  Initiating the renewal process in a timely fashion and recommending changes that align with each clients strategy

    •  Negotiating the renewal of the incumbent carrier and maintaining equivalent market alternatives

    •  Providing assistance in complying with applicable state and federal laws as well as providing insight into legislative developments

    •  Elevating employee awareness and knowledge of sponsored benefit plans and appropriate service outlets

    •  Serving as a client advocate in resolving claims, enrollment, billing, and other administrative matters with carriers and vendors

    •  Giving strategic direction to ensure that your company reaches its annual objectives

If you would like to be contacted by an advisor or request a quote for your company, please do so here.

We hope that we can earn your business!